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Anna Prasad

Anna Prasad is available inside the Temple.

Devotees may book the required quantity / heads, before one day by contacting Temple office or calling on below mentioned numbers.

Prasad timing: between 01.00 PM to 02:00 PM

Devotees may request for any special item (minimum 25 heads for special item), subject to acceptance by the Temple Administration.

Abhada and Catering Menu

Abhada/Maha Prasad(only in lunch) @100/-
MON Arna, Dali, Ghanta, Saga
TUE Arna, Dali, Ghanta, Saga Besar
WED Arna, Dali, Ghanta, Khatta
THU Arna, Dalma, Saga, Khatta
FRI Arna, Dali, Ghanta, Veg. Besar
SAT Arna, Dali, Ghanta, Khatta
SUN Arna, Dali, Ghanta, Saga
Abhada/Maha Prasad Bulk booking(Any time) @140
Bulk booking Mahaprasad/Abhada min 25 members) Arna, Dali/Dalama, Ghanta/Mahura/Besara, Saga, Khata, Khiri

Minimum 25 heads for below special items

Particulars Price
ChilliPaneer/Sahi Paneer 50/-
Aloo Potal Rasa/Gobhi aloo Rasa 30/-
Dahi Baigan 20/-
Goti Potal (Seasonal) 30/-
Extra for Zeera Rice 10/-
Extra For Kanika/Meetha Pullao 20/-
Panasa Rasa (Kothal) 30/-
Puri 20/-
Khatta 20/-
Pinapple Khatta 25/-
Saga 20/-
Bhaja (kadali, Aloo) 20/-
Papad (Small) 05/-
Rasagulla 20/-
Rasagulla Small 15/-
Khiri 30/-
Chhole 20/-
Ghungni 10/-
Ghungni 10/-Pcs
Chakuli and Ghungni 40/- 2 Pcs

"Chhappan Bhog" is available once in a year during the Bhagbat Saptah.

For Booking Abhada MahaPrasad Contact:

Temple Office : +91-8309189534

Secretary: +9198484 88436